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*Special Guest Post by Brandy, Teen Volunteer*

I've been playing Overwatch (rated T) for a couple of years and I think it deserves a review! First off, Overwatch is a first person shooter game. You can play on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch.

There are so many components that makes Overwatch such a good game. For one, the graphics. It has a an amazing twist of realistic and cartoonish graphics. There is so much detail into the game stages and movements.

You have different modes to choose from. Your options are Quick Play, which consists of Escort which involves moving the payload to a certain location, Assault where two teams either attack or defend a capture point, Control when teams must fight to keep control over a point in a best-of- three format, and Hybrid which is a mix of the games modes. When you queue for a game, it will randomize the mode and location. You have the option to play Arcade mode which cycles the modes available weekly. You can play Capture the Flag, No Limits where your team can play as the same characters regardless if someone picked them already, Deathmatch where the person with the most kills wins and more. The maps you play on decide which game mode you are playing. For example, if you play Escort, you can play on the Route 66 map.

Overwatch is also very creative and diverse. There are many characters to choose from! Each character has a different back story and nationality. There are characters from China, Brazil, Africa and more! The best part is finding which character best fits your playing style. You can play as Tank, Damage or Support. I tend to jump around all of these categories. Each character has a different set of weapons, abilities and their own unique special move. Some characters have ninja stars, bow and arrows, and even ice guns. I like to play with characters that have a high damage rate on their weapons. One of my favorite characters is D.VA, aka Hana Song. She is from South Korea and is a professional gamer. Because of her elite gaming skills the government choose her and others, to pilot MECHAS, advance suits of armors. Not only are her abilities amazing, like her Nerf, which allows her to jump out the Mech and make it self destruct to damage the other team but her overall character is very relatable as a fellow gamer myself. I love that I can connect with her through her voice lines or her interactions with other characters (Very cool to experience in-game).

During specific times of the year, you can participate in theme events. You can participate in Winter Wonderland, Anniversary, Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Lunar New Year, and Archives. During these events you can expect a lot of goodies to earn in your loot boxes and fun game modes. For example, during Winter Wonderland you'll have a chance to earn Christmas or Winter themed skins, emotes, sprays, highlight intros and victory poses! One of my favorite modes during the Halloween Terror event, there is a mode called Junkinstien's Revenge. You and a team of 4 people choose from a limited amount of characters and must protect the castle from Dr. Junkinstien's robot minions and powerful teammates.

It's very fun when you can play with friends and family on this game. I've had a lot of fun moments on Overwatch when I play with family who play video games. If you have the time, I definitely recommend you give Overwatch a chance!

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