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Paranormal Perfection

This graphic novel is the perfect paranormal adventure for teens. When she was younger, Chelsea Grant liked her title of “Ghost Girl”, since her dad runs a local ghost-hunting and exterminating business. Now that she’s in high school though, she wants a fresh start without the embarrassing nickname. So far she’s managed it, even fitting in with the popular crew at school. After a night out with that crew goes spectacularly wrong and Chelsea ends up on the wrong side of the law, her parents decide she needs some more discipline. And that’s how she ends up as the newest employee of Paranormal Removal Services for the whole summer. Chelsea is eye-rolling her way through every assignment, until she realizes that she can actually see the ghosts her dad is hunting! 

Not only can she see the ghosts in the new mansion her dad is being paid to cleanse of spirits, she can speak to them. Enter Oliver, the mysterious teen ghost that keeps popping up around the house. Her dad might be eager to roast Oliver, but Chelsea is determined to get to the bottom of this particular “haunting”. 

This was a very engaging read with a fair amount of nuance. One of my favorite parts was how the authors entwined Oliver’s history and the history of the mansion into the story. Part paranormal adventure, part historical mystery, and part contemporary comic, this graphic novel kept me hooked. The art is very colorful and does a great job of capturing the historical elements just as much as the contemporary New Orleans setting. I really liked seeing how Chelsea grew in her relationships with her parents, with her cool new friends, even with the dead. It made me feel like I was really getting to know her, and I thought she was a very relatable character. Definitely pick this one up if you’re looking for a fast-paced teen read with great art and great characters (both living and dead)! 

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