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October 1-31
John Ng

Study in Conifers: that noble timber

Traditional Chinese Brushes In Contemporary Settings

In Chinese culture, the conifer symbolizes nobility, temperance, and fortitude. All students of the Chinese brush study the conifer as one of the "four gentlemen" in their aesthetic, philosophical beauty. This exhibit is a contemporary study of traditional paintings of this noble gentleman.

John is an amateur brush painter in the Chinese traditions. That is, he simply amare what he does. He was born in a small village of southern China to a family of peasant farmers. Before long, John and his family immigrated to the New World. During these formative years, he embraced Christianity as his faith and life. In time, he responded to God's call to professional ministry. John was a parish cleric and seminary professor before he retreated to a more contemplative sunset space.
At sunset, John picks up a bamboo brush again, as if for the first time. Most mornings he enters his solace of solitude for quietude in painting. He convalesces with five quiet friends: water, brush, ink, paper and imagination. It is in this introspective stillness of dipping black ink and smearing it on rice paper that he enjoys his solace.
John's smudges are a philosophical consonance between fidelity to traditions and aesthetic spontaneity. Three ancient approaches guide his brushes. Naturalism - 自然主義: every stroke reflects the subject’s naturalness. And every impression represents a natural harmony between divine grace and human imperfection. Impressionism - 印象主義: every stroke is a subjective impression of its subject. Reflecting his philosophical, and theological, bent, he paints what he feels from what he sees. Minimalism - 極簡主義: every stroke seeks simplicity, where clean lines endeavor
towards a minimal expression.
Chinese brushes on rice paper are traditionally mounted on scrolls. But adhering his master's counsel that the ancients must recognize the present, John's traditional brush works are presented in contemporary contextures. Needless, each contexture also reflects a minimal simplicity. The art pieces are presented in plain black frames. Some are matted and others flow freely on plain back-ground. They also serve a natural setting, as suggested by the paper's flaws,
wrinkles and jagged edges.

Visit John Ng's website here.

November 1-29
Cari Perez

Cari Perez is a self-taught fiber artist. Loving the feel and textures of various yarns, she enjoys spending therapeutic moments working on her weaves and trying out new patterns/designs.  She loves how this type of art allows for her to either work in her living room or kitchen table, having her daughters and 20 year old cat close by her side while creating her pieces.  She enjoys learning new patterns through DIY tutorials or books and adding her own twist.  Cari’s artwork transforms any space with the statement pieces she creates. Her company name, Privasol, is sweetly named after her grandparents who immigrated to America from Eastern Europe and began their careers in the NYC garment industry. Memories of her grandmother with a thimble, needle and thread in hand, Cari is blessed to carry on the tradition of creating handmade items that can be cherished by others.

December 1-29
Simon Jeruchim

I named this series of acrylic paintings ESCAPE to denote getting free from confinement and from the pandemic, which threatens everyone. My paintings were inspired by the early 20th century Surrealism movement that defied logic, filled with strange images and bizarre juxtapositions. Creative thinkers have always toyed with reality especially in the 20th century. I paid homage to the masters of Surrealism, such as Salvatore Dali, René Magritte, Max Ernst and Marcel Duchamp in creating humorous paintings, like visual puns meant to entertain. During the ongoing Covid 19, I hope that my paintings are a small antidote to lift one's spirits rather than to probe the conscious.

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