Art Gallery

December 31 - January 30
Alan Galy

Alan Galy was born on August 9, 1960 in Manhattan. After a month of fast paced city life he moved, with the help of his father, mother and older brother, to the more sedate environment of Rockland County; first to New City, NY and finally to Congers, NY in 1967 where he still resides in his boyhood home. 

Barbara Galy, Alan's mother, was a librarian in the Ramapo School District for much of her career and even worked part time at the Valley Cottage Library.  Barbara instilled in Alan a passion for reading.  She always said, “Reading is great.  It doesn’t matter what you read as long as you read”.  He also acquired her love of history and her positive outlook on life.

Sam Galy, Alan's father, a working artist in his own right, was a major influence in Alan's life-long dream to become an artist himself.  It was from his father that he inherited and learned many of his art skills.  Sam’s work will be shown at the Valley Cottage Library sometime in 2022. It will be the first time in over 40 years that his work will be exhibited so don’t miss it.     

His brother Ron, on the other hand, inherited no artistic skills. Rather he went on to become a fine chiropractor in Westport, CT while remaining a steadfast supporter of Alan's in all of his pursuits.

While in Congers, Alan attended Congers Elementary School, Felix Festa Junior High and graduated from Clarkstown High School North - probably somewhere in the middle of the pack.  He played Varsity Football and Baseball.  Not as good as some but better than most.

He also took art classes all 4 years of high school, developing his art skills and was even voted “Most Artistic” in the Class of '78.

Alan then went on to attend SUNY at New Paltz as an art major. One thing he did not inherit from his parents was foresight... or a crystal ball... or even a magic 8 ball for that matter. So, in a wrong headed move to be practical, he switched his major to business.

During the summers of college Alan painted houses and became good enough at it to start his own house painting business in 1985.  Working mainly in Rockland County and the tristate area he’s been in business going on 37 years and still going strong.  

Still, he always heard the call to follow in his father's footsteps and return to art.  He always knew something else more important and passionate needed to be expressed in order to fulfill his destiny, so a few years ago, he started producing some of the artwork you see here.  He has, at last, found the outlet to release his energy and talent and hopes to inspire others, no matter where they are in life, to use their imagination and creativity to fulfill their own dreams and passions.

February 1 - February 28
Susan Freiman
Exhibit and Raffle to say Thank You to Nyack Hospital Employees!

I have wanted to do something to honor and thank our health care workers.  Finally, after much thought, I realized I could approach our local hospitals and see if they would like a library-based photo exhibit and gift raffle for hospital employees.  I approached Suffern Free Library for Good Samaritan (and the entire WMCHealth network) employees, and I approached Valley Cottage Library for Nyack Hospital employees.  The hospitals both said yes and the libraries both had exhibit space openings!  So….. during February, at the Valley Cottage Library, the main exhibit area in front of the circulation desk, plus the glass display case and one coat tree, will have photos and photo gift items which Nyack Hospital employees can enter to win for free.  Please tell everyone you know who works at Nyack Hospital to stop by the Valley Cottage Library during February.  There will be raffle entry forms where they can indicate which items they want to be entered to win.  Winners will pick up their items at the Library. 

The photos and photo gift items cover a variety of themes – flowers, farms, parks, the moon rising over Tallman Mountain seen through wild grape vines, water ripples and reflections, and even a close up of some large ice crystals that formed on my car windshield one Christmas eve night.  In addition to the photos there are some shawls/scarves, unlined canvas purses and a few padded ipad and table cases – all with photos printed on them. 

During January and February there is an exhibit at the Suffern Free Library for WMCHealth (Good Sam) employees.  The Suffern exhibit is all photos and covers an additional topic theme – Black and White photos.  Please refer everyone you know who works for WMCHealth (Good Sam) to the Suffern Library exhibit. 

Rockland Farm Alliance Fundraiser, Honoring Joan Gussow

During February, the Valley Cottage Library hallway gallery will host a 14 photo exhibit to raise funds for the Rockland Farm Alliance.  30% of all sales will go to the Library, and 70% of all sales will go to the Farm Alliance.  For decades, author, educator, mentor, and advocate Joan Gussow has worked tirelessly to bring healthy local food to all who want it.  Joan is a mainstay of the Rockland Farm Alliance Board.  She and her family lived for many years in Congers before moving to Piermont about 25 years ago.  Joan has grown the majority of her vegies, fruits and herbs for decades, first in Congers and then in Piermont. The photos in this exhibit include portraits of Joan in her garden as well as fruits, vegies and flowers that were grown there. 

Joan’s license plate says “Garlic” so of course there is a photo of Joan grown garlic in the exhibit.  Also included is a Brussel sprout plant in the snow – that is there because for many years, one of Joan’s Thanksgiving morning tasks was to go out to her garden and pick Brussel sprouts to serve with Thanksgiving dinner.  Joan has even grown citrus on miniature trees that she would bring inside for the winter.  In October Joan turned 93!  She still does some gardening, though increased flooding of her garden has made this more difficult. 

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