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Homebound Program

The Valley Cottage Library is pleased to offer a Homebound service specifically for residents of the Nyack School District.

How it works

A person living in the Nyack School District who meets one of the following criteria, may qualify for homebound service:

  • A permanent physical affliction which prohibits that person from safely visiting the library.

  • A temporary health situation (i.e. medical leave due to surgery) which prohibits the person from safely visiting the library. Service will be provided until recovery is complete.

  • Residency in a nursing care facility, whether temporary or permanent.

  • Health conditions associated with the elderly which makes the person unable to safely visit the library.

(A doctor’s certification may be required for any of the above.)
You can request 1 - 3 titles or items in a subject area of your choice. The materials are checked out to your library card and sent to you in the mail. They will be mailed in a canvas mailer with pre-paid return postage (both courtesy of the Library Association of Rockland County, LARC).


How you register

Call (845) 268-7700 and ask for Sean Antonucci to register for this service. Because of time constraints, high-demand items such as new entertainment DVDs, video games, and museum passes are excluded from this program.


This program is intended for the homebound only. Determination for eligibility is solely at the discretion of the library.

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