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Nyack School District Information

Nyack School District

The Valley Cottage library serves the residents of the Nyack School district.  We are committed to helping the district in its goal to create a community of lifelong learners, which encourages new ideas to shape a positive future.

Nyack School Sites

Liberty Elementary

Nyack Middle School

Upper Nyack Elementary

Valley Cottage Elementary

Nyack  Basics

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The Valley Cottage Library is a proud champion of the Nyack Basics.  The Nyack Basics Campaign is a communitywide collaboration of organizations and individuals partnering to ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed. The Nyack Basics are five child caring principles that can be used with babies and toddlers every day to help them grow and thrive.

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Nyack Elementary Schools Summer Reading  2023

Please Note: Look for books from the grade your child will enter in September.

Summer 2023 Reading Packet from Nyack School District:

Suggested Authors and Links for Students Entering Grades 1-5

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