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Policies in the Children's Room

Child Supervision
Please review the Library's Rules of Conduct when visiting the library. Please note that children 10 and under may not be left unsupervised in the library. Please keep your children with you at all times.

A Message from the Director about Child Safety
The Library appreciates the fact that the library is a comfortable, welcoming place. However, we are a public building open to anyone. With that in mind, we remind you that library policy states that children age 10 and under may not be left alone in the library including the children’s room. And, supervision must be by a person 18 years and older. Although the staff cares about your children, they are busy working and are not available to be their primary caregiver while you visit another section of the library or run an errand. NEVER send your young child to the public bathrooms alone.

The library closes Monday-Thursday at 9pm and Friday and Saturday at 5pm and Sundays at 4pm. (Closed Sundays in the summer.) If you leave a teenage child in the library to study, please remember to arrive before the library closes. The Library staff will wait with a child under 18 years old for 10 minutes before notifying the Clarkstown Police. 

Thank you,
Christy Blanchette
Director, Valley Cottage Library

Computer Use
The Children's Room computers are for Children under the age of 16. Older children and adults must use the Adult Computers by the Adult Reference desk. Printing costs .10 per sheet for black and white, and .25 for color.

For convenience, we have an Adult Express Station:
The Adult Express Internet station in the Children's room serves as a convenience for those caregivers visiting the children's room with their child to quickly surf the Internet for a very limited period of time. Its' intent is to provide a convenience for a quick Internet search not to provide a space for an adult to engage in long term Internet use.

  • Only adults accompanying children under 16 years old are permitted to use the Adult Express Station in the children's room.

  • Use of this station must not interfere with the caregiver’s ability to properly supervise the child(ren)in their care.

  • All RCLS cardholders may access the station by inputting their library card barcode. All others please see Staff for assistance.

  • Each adult is limited to one 15 minute session per visit to the children's room each day.

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