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Getting a Library Card 

How to Obtain a Card

Library membership is available to Nyack School District residents who live in Valley Cottage. You may register in person or by completing the online application below. Whether in-person or online you will need to bring one picture ID as well as one proof of address in Valley Cottage to the Library (with your card if you registered online) to activate your account.

Acceptable ID

Photo: Driver’s License, Passport, School or work ID

Residency: Driver’s license, utility bill, pay stub, lease/rent receipt, car registration/insurance, etc.

Note: The library cannot accept a PO Box as a home address.

If completing the online application your new card will be mailed to you but it must be activated in the library by bringing the card along with the required residency documents listed above.

A parent/guardian may apply for a card for their child. The same identification is required as above. The child must be present when applying for this card. Parents/Guardians are responsible for all fines incurred on children's cards.

Please read our Library Card Policy below for further complete information.

There is a $3.00 fee to replace a lost or stolen card.

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