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Electronic Resources/Internet Policy

The Valley Cottage Library is pleased to provide access to the World Wide Web. Through this resource our users will be able to access a vast array of information for all age groups and interests. These access points, which often change rapidly and unpredictably, cannot be controlled by library staff.
The Valley Cottage Library does not monitor and has no control over information accessed through the Internet and cannot be responsible for its content. As with other library related materials and databases, restriction of access is the responsibility of the user or the user's parents or legal guardian or caregiver.
The Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on the Web.
This Internet-based access is provided by the Valley Cottage Library free to the public as part of its policy to continue providing quality services and resources to meet all informational needs.
The Valley Cottage Library will not assume any responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of electronic services through the library.

Public Accessibility

Any person, regardless of age or residency, may have free access to the electronic resources at the Valley Cottage Library with the following stipulations:
All users of the Internet stations in the adult area must by 14 years or older. Users under 14 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or caregiver. No more than two people at a time may sit at each computer.
Users of the Internet stations in the Children’s area must be under 16 years of age. Users aged 16 or older may accompany the primary users who are under age 16. No more than two people at a time may sit at each computer.
The Internet stations in the Teen Corner are reserved for users in the 6th through 12th grades.
Users of the Internet must follow all procedures established by the Library which insures equitable use of all Electronic Resources. Users must respect time limits and closing times at each station.

Adult Express Internet in Children's Room

The Adult Express Internet station in the Children's room serves as a convenience for those caregivers visiting the children's room with their child to quickly surf the Internet for a very limited period of time. Its intent is to provide a convenience for a quick Internet search not to provide a space for an adult to engage in long term Internet use.


Only adults accompanying children under 16 years old are permitted to use the Adult Express Station in the children's room.

  • Use of this station must not interfere with the caregiver’s ability to properly supervise the child(ren)in their care.

  • All RCLS cardholders may access the station by inputting their library card barcode. All others please see Staff for assistance.

  • Each adult is limited to one 15 minute session per visit to the children's room each day.

  • No printing is available at this station.

    Adopted February 15, 2012


Unacceptable Use

Any of the following actions will result in the loss of library privileges and/or criminal prosecution or other legal action. Unacceptable use of the Valley Cottage's Electronic Resources includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • It is not acceptable to use Valley Cottage Electronic Resources in any manner which violates federal or state laws or regulations or which violates the unacceptable use policy of this library as set forth in Part II hereof. (Please see Part II - Electronic Resources/Internet Policy-Unacceptable Uses for complete details.)

  • Users must respect the legal protection provided by copyright and license to programs and data.

  • Users shall not intentionally develop or use programs that infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage or alter the software components of a local or remote computer or computing system.

  • Users shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users. They shall not represent themselves as another user unless explicitly authorized to do so by that user.

  • Users may not download or install programs on Valley Cottage Library computers and may not run any programs not provided by the library unless specifically authorized by the library.

The Valley Cottage Library has a Board approved policy available for processing abusers of the above policy. This is available upon request.

Adopted April 2002
Revised September 21, 2005, June 21, 2006, April 18, 2007
Last revision August 19, 2009

Part II - Electronic Resources/Internet Policy

Unacceptable Uses

In the event that any individual as a library patron of the Valley Cottage Library utilizes a computer terminal or library computer portal or other computer access facility or medium (including personal devices of patrons) to gain access to an Internet site, web site, computer database, or other computer facility (hereafter "computer device") and as a result of such action any computer terminal or screen in the public rooms of the library displays graphic materials of an inappropriate nature such as pictures, signs, symbols, insignias or words as:

(i) indications of a hate group which is communicating a message which incorporates violence or injury to others or any group dedicated to illegal discrimination; or (ii) sexually explicit materials, which exhibit private parts of the human anatomy (female breasts, male or female genitalia) in a lurid and prurient manner; or (iii) which displays pornography or child pornography or other graphic materials, or language, which would violate the laws of the United States or the State of New York; or (iv) displays bodily functions or bodily injury or physical harm to humans or animals in a vulgar or gross manner; which materials as displayed violate generally accepted community standards of the Hamlet of Valley Cottage community or the Town of Clarkstown community which the Valley Cottage Library serves, as such standards ordinarily apply to individuals who are employed by or patronize the Valley Cottage Library, including members of the general public such as young adults and children who may be accompanying adults in the adult reading room, which display would be determined ordinarily under the above criteria to be objectionable, then in any such instance the staff of the Valley Cottage Library is authorized to take the following actions in a progressive manner:

  1. A communication verbally, in writing, or by electronic message shall be transmitted to the library patron(s) responsible for the displays on the specific computer terminal and the patron(s) shall be asked to discontinue the display of such materials and in such instance, the patron shall terminate the display with all deliberate speed;

  2. If the library patron(s) fails or refuses to discontinue use of any computer device in violation of the foregoing standards and in disregard of the request to discontinue such use, the library patron(s) shall be provided with a written notice of the violation and shall be asked to leave the library for the remainder of the library's business day;

  3. If the library patron(s) fails or refuses to discontinue the use of any computer terminal the individual's privileges to use the computer device shall be suspended for a period of up to six (6) months. If after any six (6) month suspension, a library patron violates this policy on one or more additional occasions, the privileges of the library patron(s) shall be suspended for additional periods of one (1) year each for any subsequent violations;

  4. If the privileges of any library patron(s) to use any computer device is suspended by any member of the library staff under this policy, the patron(s) who is suspended shall have the right to appeal such suspension to the Board of Trustees of the Library and the Library Board will hear and consider such appeal or designate an hearing officer to hear such appeal and to report and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees of the Library for determination. The rules of evidence shall not apply with regard to any such hearing and any individual who presents an appeal shall be limited to fifteen (15) minutes to present his or her arguments in support of their case and as part of the appeal process, may present written documentation in support of their appeal;

  5. In the event the library patron(s) refuses to leave the library and continues to use a computer device in violation of the foregoing policy and in violation of any requests to discontinue and to leave the premises, the Police Department of the Town of Clarkstown shall be contacted and an appropriate charge of trespass shall be filed against the library patron(s) in accordance with the Penal Law of the State of New York;

  6. This policy is intended to supplement all other Valley Cottage Library policies, regulations or directions concerning the use of computer devices; if there is any conflict between any other library policy, regulation or directive, this policy is to control.

Dated: Valley Cottage, New York
Resolution passed by the Valley Cottage Library
Board of Trustees- April 5, 2002
Revised April 18, 2007

Wireless Access Policy

Wireless access is intended to provide convenient mobile access to Internet resources throughout Valley Cottage Library. It is intended as an adjunct to wired access and cannot replace the speed and reliability of wired access for most network users.

  • Patrons are responsible for adherence to the Library's Basic Policy for accessing the Internet and the Library’s Wireless Policy for accessing the Internet. Paper copies of both policies are available at the Information Desk.

  • The patron is responsible for setting up his or her laptop and software to permit wireless access through the library's network.

  • Library staff may provide general information for connecting your device to the wireless network, but will not troubleshoot problems related to your wireless device or assist in making changes to your device's network settings and/or hardware configuration. Library staff members are not permitted to configure or to provide support to any laptop or wireless device including installation of software and hardware.

  • The Library does not guarantee that your device will work with the Library's wireless access points.

  • The library does not assume responsibility for the safety and integrity of personal equipment, laptop configurations or data files.

  • The library does not vouch for the security of wireless communications. It is strongly advised that wireless communication not be used for the transmission of sensitive or personal information.

  • All wireless access users are strongly advised to have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices. The library will not be responsible for any information (i.e. credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to your hardware or software due to electric surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking. Failure to comply may void your wireless access privileges.

Users may not:

Use the network to make unauthorized entry into other computational, informational or communication services or resources.

  • Distribute unsolicited advertising.

  • Invade the privacy of others.

  • Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software.

  • Access sites deemed to be objectionable as outlined in the Library’s Rules for accessing the Internet.

  • Engage in any activity that is harassing or defamatory.

  • Use the Internet for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other rights of third parties, or in a manner inconsistent with the Library's tax-exempt status or its proper operation. Violations may result in loss of access. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

  • All users are expected to use the library's wireless access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided.

  • Patrons using personal laptops in a manner disturbing to others in the library will be asked to turn off their equipment. Repeated violation of this rule will result in suspension of usage privileges.

Adopted June 21, 2006
Amended June 15, 2016

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