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Our Main Phone: 845-268-7700

Library Director: Christy Blanchette, ext. 151

Assistant Director: Ashley Maraffino, ext. 155

Adult Services
Head of Adult Services: Sean Antonucci, ext. 134

Adult Services Librarian: Anya Berg, ext. 135

Adult Services Librarian: Megan Stover, ext. 133

Children's Services
Head of Children's Services: Carida Ridoré, ext. 124

Teen Services
Head of Teen Services: Katrina Hohlfeld, ext. 136

Circulation Services
Head of Circulation Services: Mia Clowes, ext. 113

Technical Services
Head of Technical Services: Katie Karkheck, ext. 142

Public Relations
Program and Exhibits Manager: Caroline Siecke-Pape, ext. 153

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