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Julia Drake Proves She's a Poet

To be totally honest, I only picked this one up because it was getting so much attention. But wow...I'm glad I did. Here are the main things I liked about it:

1) imperfect main character working to find her truth

2) vibrant and intriguing cast of secondary characters

3) phenomenal use of language & metaphor

4) unexpected plot twists

5) a sensitive approach to mental health issues

6) a conclusion full of hope

If any or all of those reasons seem appealing to you, then The Last True Poets of the Sea is worth reading.

The front cover boasts a quote from Madeline Miller (an author I adore) that says "profound and page-turning". Ms. Miller, I could not agree more. This book had a lot more depth than I anticipated, which made me appreciate it that much more. After her brother's suicide attempt, Violet finds herself back in the small town of Lyric, Maine, founded by her ancestors. In an attempt to distance herself from the wild and reckless party lifestyle that was drowning her at home, she picks up a job at the local aquarium. Her (gorgeous) co-worker ends up introducing Violet to his friend group. Enter Liv, a girl with a history project and a vested interest in Violet's origins. Violet and Liv start working together on uncovering Violet's family history. I won't spoil anything for you, but I will say that the journey proves to be just as important as the destination. Full of rich language, realistic dialogue, and compelling characters, you won't be sorry you took this voyage with them.

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