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Long Live the Scandal!

Ooooo the royal drama! In this alternate-reality Britain, James has just inherited the throne. As the young, shy, mixed-race King, the criticism comes fast and thick. A particularly vicious tabloid writer has been spilling some very private tea, while James just wants to grieve his father in peace. James has a secret boyfriend he’s trying to hide, and he feels like his world is crumbling in the face of so much nasty opposition. Secrets abound, racists are yelling, crushes are crushing, and James's head is heavy under that crown. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed all the twisty-turny royal drama and intrigue, I really stayed in the story for James. He’s shy, he’s conflicted, he just wants to be a boy in love who doesn’t run the risk of “ruining the family legacy” every time he does something. Even in these extraordinary circumstances, he felt very real. His emotional journey was just as important as uncovering the mystery, and those two elements worked together wonderfully to make this a very satisfying novel. Even when I thought I had everything figured out, there was another surprise waiting for me!

Definitely pick this one up if you like alternate-royal timelines with backstabbing and subterfuge galore. Over all, it was very fun with a pleasantly surprising amount of emotional depth alongside the drama.

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