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One You Can't Miss!

Alright this one really caught me off guard. I picked it up for a light read and I got hit with some major feels. Skye Shin is talented, and she knows it. She also happens to be plus size, and she knows that people can be really cruel about that. So when she decides to audition for a televised K-Pop competition, she isn't necessarily surprised that her body becomes a target for negative commentary. Skye sets out to prove that she can dance and sing with the best, even when the competition gets ugly.

Let me say that Skye is such a wonderful character. She proves to young women that their own self esteem is more important than whatever your culture so insistently dictates it should be. More than that, she doesn’t gloss over the painful moments that come along with being shamed and targeted, regardless of how great you feel about yourself on any given day, or what you’ve accomplished. It is such a complex balance, especially for young women.

In other news!! This book also provides a sweet, slow-burn romance between Skye and one of the other competitors. There was also great representation of diverse and queer characters who are not all boxed up to serve a purpose. Amazingly, I was really into the story line regardless of knowing virtually nothing about K-Pop (I had to look up a few things) and having virtually no interest in talent shows. Worth a read for those who are into K-Pop, body-positive stories, sweet and funny romances, likable characters, or all of the above! You will be cheering Skye on, I guarantee it!

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