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Royally Entertaining

Crown of Coral and Pearl features a strong and likable heroine, dastardly political schemes, and textured world building. Need I say more? Ok fine, I will. I loved the relationship between Nor and her twin sister Zadie. Maybe it’s because I’m an older sister, but I really connected with the bond these two share and the lengths they are willing to go to protect each other. There was the perfect dollop of romance, but this story is primarily about the challenges Nor faces, the mysteries she uncovers, and how she finds the strength to do it all. This book features a really unique setting in the ocean village of Varenia and delves into the political and social characteristics of this place and the ruling kingdom of Ilara.

I will certainly be snatching up the sequel if/when that comes about. I would recommend this to fans of Laini Taylor, Tamora Pierce, or Holly Black (especially The Cruel Prince). #teenreads #fantasy #sisters #adventure #worldbuilding #mystery #strongfemale

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