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The Marvel-ous Loki Gets a Book!

If you happen to love the complex and somewhat nefarious Loki like I do, this is the next read for you! Full of just as many plot twists as Loki himself, this novel takes us back to the trials and triumphs of a teenage Loki. Look at that grin!

Odin has been pitting Thor and Loki against each other as per usual, but things on Asgard get shaken up when a mysterious prophecy is revealed...

After a few disastrous events and one exile, Loki finds himself sent to 19th century London to assist the SHARP society in a mysterious string of murders. Being a Prince of Asgard and feeling destined for greater things, Loki is none too pleased about this arrangement. In spite of his general (and hilarious) disdain for all things Midgardian (AKA earthly), Loki is drawn to his task by the unearthly circumstances of these "killings". Not only that, he seems to be developing some attachments to the other members of the SHARP society. Maybe Earth isn't worthless after all?

Missing artifacts, mysterious magic, an old friend, and new goals all unfold in this fast-paced novel. There are elements of mystery with a hint of romance and LOTS of action. One of the best things about this novel was that it really dives into Loki's thoughts. How can you be good when the whole world tells you you're evil? How can you rise to be King when your life has been designed to keep you in second place? Loki grapples with all of this even while trying to solve a murder, impress his father, and get back to Asgard. I definitely recommend this one if you liked Loki in the Marvel movies or if you're looking for an action-packed fantastical mystery! It is available for free on Overdrive and Hoopla with your library card.

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