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The Real Stair-Master

I could not put this down! I was instantly invested in Jo Kuan and her story. She is a bright, witty, and wise character that totally makes this book worth a read even if you don't generally like historical fiction. By day, Jo works as a housemaid to a wealthy Atlanta family. By night, she writes a controversial advice column for a struggling newspaper under the pseudonym "Miss Sweetie". But that isn't Jo's only secret...

The plot is intricate, fast paced, and absolutely satisfying with a stellar cast of supporting characters. The plight of Chinese immigrants in Gilded Age Atlanta is also not something I've seen explored before, so that was additionally interesting to me. Lee brings elements of danger, social justice, and humor together in a wonderful blend. Bonus points if you like stories about suffragettes and/or horses! Highly recommend. #teenreads #historicalfiction #socialjustice #mystery #ownvoices #strongfemale

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great book :0

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