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Throw Yourself Into This Book!

This novel follows Sam, a modern Korean American girl who ends up accidentally hitching a ride into the 1990’s. What’s more? She ends up in high school with her mother! Having just come from a timeline where they were decidedly NOT getting along, Sam has to navigate this whole new mother/daughter dynamic while also trying to figure out how to charge her cell phone. As far as Sam knows, her mother's high school heart is set on being prom queen. Maybe helping her with this project is the ticket to getting back to her own timeline. Why did she get sent back to this moment? What will she be able to change to help herself down the line? Who is this adorable boy? You simply have to read to find out!

I was not entirely pulled in by the premise ( I thought it sounded kind of weird) but let me tell you how I absolutely adored this book. The time travel device is one that made me think this was going to be a "freaky friday" remake, and it ended up being so much more. I couldn't put it down. Sam is a FANTASTIC character. She's relatable, she's flawed, she's brave, she's angry, she's hilarious, she's willing to stand up for what's right. The novel addresses several important themes without ever feeling heavy-handed. The pressures immigrant parents put on their children, the ever complicated mother/daughter relationship, the reality of being a high school student and needing to figure things out within certain social constructs. I thought the resolution was very neat (but not too neat) and so satisfying. 

This book felt so authentic, despite the time travel. I also think it will seriously resonate with Gen Z teens, so I'm excited to recommend this and see what people think! Also…JAMIE. I think I could read a whole other book from Jamie's perspective. This is a really unique book that hit all the right notes. Check it out!

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