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Wild Wars

So in these times of quarantine, I've been especially on the look out for some series I can binge. And what's better than a series full of virtual realities where people can hang out online in a virtual game world? Warcross and the sequel Wildcard by Marie Lu (author of the Legend series) proved to be the perfect distraction!

Teenage orphan Emika Chen has been living rough in a futuristic NYC, barely scraping together a living as a bounty hunter. In her spare time, she does what everyone else does - she logs on to her NeuroLink and plays Warcross. A talented hacker trying to make ends meet, Emika ends up glitching the game and catching the eye of NeuroLink's young billionaire creator, Hideo Tanaka. Hideo offers her a curious invitation, and Emika finds herself on a private jet to Tokyo for the bounty hunt of a lifetime!

These books are great if you are interested in gaming, virtual reality, or social justice. With lots of action, intrigue, and a hint of romance, I was totally drawn into the world of Warcross. I started Wildcard right after I finished reading Warcross because, WOW cliffhanger! Emika is a great main character. She's been through a lot, but she keeps her chin up and works hard for what is right (even if outside forces are trying to convince her otherwise). The descriptions of the gaming world are fantastic. It felt like I was playing! Both are available in eBook and audio book format for free on Overdrive, so you can check these out from home!

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