Valley Cottage Library Reopening FAQ

Curbside Pickup

How does it work?

It’s easy!

  • Place a hold through our catalog, or call (845-268-7700) or email ( and let our expert staff select some materials for you.

  • Once you are notified the material is available, you can schedule an appointment to pick it up. If library staff is selecting books for you, we can make your appointment at the same time.

  • When you arrive at your scheduled appointment time, give us a call (845 268-7700) to let us know you are here. All patrons must wear masks for pickup service.

  • Show us your library card through the glass at the front doors.

  • Please step back to the red 'X' on the pavement and wait for staff to place your materials on a table outside the front doors.

Your contactless delivery experience is complete!

Don't forget to wave to us through the doors. We've missed you!
How do I schedule an appointment?

Schedule your appointment through our picktime software or ask our staff to schedule for you!

What happens if I miss my appointment?

We know that scheduling an appointment to visit the library may seem unusual but we are working to make sure we can deliver the safest experience for both our staff and our community. If you miss the appointment, please call the library at (845) 268-7700 and we will give you instructions on how to obtain your materials.

What happens if I don’t have my library card? Left it in my summer house? My shuttered office? Etc.

If you don’t have your library card readily available, you can use your driver’s license or, alternately, you can present your card via the RCLS Gateway App.

If you’ve lost your card or never had one, Valley Cottage residents can apply for a new card via our website.

If you’re still not sure, call us. Your call will make our day!

Do I need an appointment? Can I just walk-up and ask for a book?

Appointments help us make sure that everyone stays safe when retrieving their library materials. If you happen to find yourself in our parking lot without an appointment, call us and we will help you figure out the best way to access your materials.

Do I owe any fines?

No. As we begin our reopening, safety is our primary goal. For this reason, fines for overdue material will be suspended as part of our contactless service. Fines may be reinstated as the opening services expand but for now we ask you to please enjoy our fine-free service. Please try to honor the return dates so others may also have access to the materials. Of course if you have lost your book, or it has been enjoyed by your dog, we will be collecting replacement and damage fees. Give us a call.

I don’t live in Valley Cottage. Can I still come get a book?

Yes! In the early phases of reopening residents of towns outside Valley Cottage or Nyack will not be able to place holds through our catalog but if you call or email the library our staff will be happy to provide you with materials on our shelves.

Is there a limit on the number of books, dvds, etc I can get through curbside pickup?

If you can carry them, you can borrow them. But if you really want to know, the limit is 50 items with some limits within types of collections.

General Information

What are your hours?

Monday – Friday 1pm-5pm. Saturday 10am-2pm.

When will your hours expand?
These hours will expand as our community continues to show diminishing rates of COVID-19 transmission, and will be based on the demand of our patrons. Let us know the hours you’d like to be able to use curbside pickup!
Can I come in the building?

Not yet; service to you will begin with curbside pickup only. We will be continuously monitoring data on the pandemic and our community needs to create an acceptable balance of safety and service. We are looking forward to the day we can welcome you into the building! We miss you too!

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes! The Valley Cottage Library cares about the safety of our patrons and our staff. In order to create the safest experience necessary masks must be worn at all times on Library property including for Curbside pickup services. 

Let's work together to keep our community and each other safe!

Can I make a photocopy/send a fax?

Beginning July 13 we will be taking requests for photocopying and faxing which will be handled by staff. Call to make an appointment for this service. And, temporarily, this service will be free up to 10 pages for both faxes and copies.

For larger print and fax jobs we will have a jar available for you to deposit payment. CASH ONLY, please. No change will be given. Staff can also provide the option to bill your library card and you can pay online or at a later date.

Copier fees are 10¢ per page for b&w copies; 25¢ per page for color copies. Outgoing Fax prices are $1.00 first page, 50¢ per page thereafter. Incoming faxes are 50¢ per page.
Can I get a document notarized?

Notary Service at the Valley Cottage Library is suspended for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. The Blauvelt Library is providing notary service outside, and the UPS Store in Congers will perform notary service by appointment. There are some banks that can provide notary service by appointment including M&T Bank (845-358-9480) and Wells Fargo in Nyack (845 358-1400). Note: Chase Bank in Valley Cottage has suspended notary service. The Rockland County Clerk is also providing notary service. (updated 6/23/2020)


How can I get a book?

All books will be delivered to you via our curbside pickup program. You can call (845) 268-7700 during our open hours with your request, use the online catalog to place a hold or send us an email anytime. Please email for adult and teen titles, and for children’s materials.

What if I don’t know what I want to read?
We’ve got you covered. Our librarians are trained experts on finding you exactly the right book. They will ask you some questions about the types of books you have enjoyed and recommend an array of titles for your consideration. Read on – our librarians recommend some resources in the question below!

Can I browse?

For now our library catalog will be the best way for you to browse our collections. And while we agree it isn’t exactly the same as letting a cover catch your eye and call to you from the shelf, there are so many online resources and websites that can help fill your to-read list!

Librarians in each of our departments are in-house experts on our resources and have provided some online guidance for armchair browsing.

Our ADULT librarians recommend using the Novelist Plus database which features lots of sorting and filtering options to help you narrow your selection, or our own in-house guide to all our VCL’s adult reading lists we have been building over years. And a good website to view new releases each week is called New in Books. Still don’t know what you want? Fill out our VC Library recommendation form and let our expert Reader’s Advisors do the leg work for you! (Hint: that’s one of our favorite things to do.)

Our TEEN librarian along with a pretty amazing group of librarians within RCLS have built two impressive reading lists for teens and tweens.

The CHILDREN’s Staff is at the ready to recommend your next great bedtime read or ‘just right’ book for your beginning reader. Great online resources for kids and families for browsing includes Novelist K-8 and the Day by Day Family Literacy Calendar.

Can I place a hold?

Yes! The library catalog will only allow Valley Cottage and Nyack residents to place holds on materials owned by Valley Cottage and Nyack libraries at first. Service will expand over time to allow holds throughout our entire system but in the early weeks of reopening, holds will be limited.

Can I still borrow a board game? Lawn game? Cake pan? Museum pass?

Yes! We would love it if you want to borrow from our special collections. However, since we are asking all material to be returned through the book drop, special arrangements will have to be made for the return of these items. Call us!

How am I being protected while using shared library materials?

The VC Library is taking many steps to help protect our community from the spread of Covid-19. All materials are quarantined after they are returned. The duration of the quarantine is based on the latest available and proven scientific guidelines regarding the duration of the virus on surfaces. This means the items will sit on dated tables while we allow ample time for the coronavirus to die from all surfaces including inner pages of books. When you receive a book it has been sitting without exposure to other borrowers for at least this long.

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